the influence of mobile phones

The influence of mobile phones

What is my most important element in people’s lives? The first thing came into my mind is mobile phone, other than water, air or food. I cannot live without my phone, and I think other people have the similar situations with me.  We can see mobile phones whenever and wherever. People play their phones when they are on the ways, in the trains, buses, rooms, and even the toilets.  We are now in a world dominated by mobile phones.

Why people spend so much time on that? What kind of influence does mobile phone has one people? To get the answers, we have to discover and understand mobile phone and its characteristics.

A mobile phone is well known as a cellular phone or simply cellphone. It is a wireless handheld device that allows users to make calls and send text messages, among other features such as Web browsers, games, cameras, video players and even navigational systems.

These features make mobile phone characterized with entertainment, immediacy, interactivity, economy, and integration.

l  Entertainment. There are many entertainment apps in fields such like music, book movie, and game.

l  Immediacy. Mobile phone is a 7/24 must-have to people, people can use their phones at any time, any place.

l  Interactivity. Mobile phone provides many platforms based on mobile web service where allow people to share their opinions, feedbacks whenever.

l  Economy. The mobile phone services like phone call, sms, and mobile web are at low prices which meet people’s budget plan.

l  Integration. Mobile phone is integrated with many other services in fields such like business, design, and education.

It is these characteristics that make people addicted to their mobile phones. But such addictions are equal to illness which is bad for people’s health and lives.

The video named “I forgot my phone” describes the illness vividly. The video records a day of a girl without mobile phone. And on the day, the girl clearly notices and acknowledges the mobile phone illness.

Everyone she met with on the day was playing phones no matter when they are sleeping, eating, hanging out with friends, on a party, asking for marriage or at a concert.

When I finished watching the video, I felt quite anxious and scaring. It seems we have lost our true happiness and love in our lives. Before the completed interruption of mobile phone, we can enjoy any moment when we are with our friends, families, or listen music, or watch movie. But now, we have lost them all. I am sad to such addictions to mobile phones.
We should not have been so offish to our friends, families and ourselves. Mobile phones are just convenient tools, and it cannot take the places of our friends and families. Only are friends and families our most important fortune, so if we ignore them so much due to the mobile phones, we will totally lose them, and we will be alone and lonely forever.

So it is important to pay attention on the issue caused by mobile phones, and take actions to stop and prevent it.

Now in Australia, US and England, there are some activities called “” to call on people to stop playing phones when they are with friends and families members. It is aimed to remind people to show respect to themselves, other people, and the whole society

Also I heard of that there are some restaurants in New York setting up rules for customers that they must hand in their phones when they are dinning here, which makes customers enjoy their meal times without any interruption from the phones.

There must be someone disagreed my opinion by arguing that mobile phones are our good friends which enhance our communication.

But with the increasing functions of mobile phones, people are more addicted to these functions and contribute themselves more to the phones than to their friends or families.

I admit that mobile phones are necessary to people, but actually, I hope we can recall the past years without phones: we felt happy from our heart when we received letters from our friends or families, and when we met them again.

This Thursday is mid-autumn festival, and I will leave my phone alone and spend my time on celebrating the festival with my friends and families, what about you?



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